A Grammar of Targum Neofiti by David M. Golomb

By David M. Golomb

Ebook by means of Golomb, David M.

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6 5 ITI renders the archiphoneme of Itl and Idi in positions where the voice opposition is neutralized, cf. 9. 6 There are indications that the fricative realization may have been the rule at some stage in the past. 7 on the alternation of g with h, and not with k, in word-final position. 2). 2) . 4 The status of [il is not distinctive in all positions. g. jariim 'yoke' vs. arija 'air', jes 'eat' vs. ', jata 'kind of thick soup' vs. očuh 'stepfather', juha 'soup' vs. ilho 'ear'. g. jimo and ima 'eat' prIpI.

Sancta Maria, see Skok 1973: 365) the -0- reflecting La- 3 0 N�: patak, which is given by Zgrablić (1905: 7), was rejected by NO. Only potok 'brook, str:am �� att�s�ed. Further�o�e, instead of Zgrablić's "paprot" (1905 : 6) I found paprut, instead o� . , kokof, (l�ldem) kakuof, lnstead of "lastovica" (ibidem) lestavica, and instead of "popar" (lbldem) pap�r. ka (Zgrablić 1905: 7) is not attested in Orbanići, except in the toponym MatikI.. I leave out the other ca�es of o > a mentioned by Zgrablić because it is not clear :het��,r �e mea�t them to be valid for bvoth dialects or only for Sv.

Kopa 'haycock' next to kopa, plela 'plait, knit' l-p fsg, alongside plela. (4) ln passive participles, all accentual alternations within the paradigm have been discarded. The accent can fall on any syllable of the stem. For examples see chapter V. g. prodavali, which occurs next to prodaviili etc. 'sell' l-p mpl, infinitive bivat next to blvat 'be (habitually)' , l-p mpl bivali next to blviili. 2). g. diguvat 'lift', and bežlit 'run (away)'. 5 Loss of * v Earlier * v has been dropped in the following cases: stodt 'make, do', tft 'hard' msg, četni 'fourth' Nsgm, čier(a) 'yesterday', nUotre 'inside', nuk 'grandson', siiki 'each, every', sa 'all' msg, se 'all' nsg < * vse < * Vbse.

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