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The air tions. are becomes very thin, the temperatures may be almost 200 degrees colder than when we took off. Those are things which must always be kept in mind in designing an airplane engine. But long before we have to worry about those extremes, we run into another problem. In an automobile all the engine has to do is move the car along the ground, fast or slow. In an airplane, the engine has to move it forward fast enough to keep it up in the air, and in taking off from the ground it has to furnish the power to lift it up.

And each of these millions of sparks must occur at exactly the right time and without a miss. The ignition system has a real job to do. And if it failseven in one part only our engine is useless until it is fixed. less HEAT-Friend and Foe Heat is the basis of the in- ternal combustion engine. It is the heat content of gasoline which makes it a good fuel. It is heat which causes the expansion which pushes on the piston. Without heat we would have no power. The more heat we have, the more power we have.

First, there our electricity as is possible failures. Instead of a battery we have a magneto. Its main job is to supply a current in the primary circuit just as the battery did in the ignition system we discussed before. It is usually built as a unit, however, including in one box the source of current, the breaker, the coil or coils, and sometimes the distributor. A dual magneto may be used, and another common arrangement is to have two single magnetos, each with its own drive. A distributor is included in the same casing with each one.

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