Adhesion and Adhesives Technology. An Introduction by Alphonsus V. Pocius

By Alphonsus V. Pocius

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7 “Duck Tape” is a trademark of Manco Tape, Inc. 13 14 1 Introduction For the beginning practitioner of adhesive technology, an indispensable tool is the trade literature provided by adhesive and adhesive raw material manufacturers. In many cases, detailed descriptions are given of the materials offered as well as starting formulations for many types of adhesives. For the user of adhesives, trade literature can often provide useful methodology for the application of the adhesive as well as surface preparation methods.

10) 2 The basis for this calculation is also simple. The area under the thicker solid line is divided into a small triangle whose area is 1/2 δF δD and a parallelogram whose area is F1 δD. The curve for unloading the sample would follow the dashed line portion of the curve. 11) 2 This is just the area of the triangle under the dashed portion of the curve. U1 and U2 describe the energy put into the sample in order to bring it to its final state. That state, however, is not the same as the initial state because the material has cracked.

Com) in which the web surfer can make a selection of adherends and the site provides a list of adhesives that could work for the application. com” is a “full service” website in which the web surfer can find information about adhesive suppliers, processing equipment, as well as new product information. There is even a website devoted to “Duck Tape7”. “Duck Tape” is a trademark applied to one type of cloth-backed pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, the name being derived from a mispronunciation of the actual name of the tape, which is “duct tape”.

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