Advanced Control of AC / DC Power Networks: System of by Abdelkrim Benchaib

By Abdelkrim Benchaib

The energy engineering area is dealing with large demanding situations, with an expanding curiosity in intermittent renewable energies that are implementing significant technical barriers. working ever in the direction of their limits, the industry-standard AC energy grids are topic to instabilities.

This booklet provides an perception into DC grid platforms, providing attention-grabbing concerns to good managed energy grids, unlike present AC structures which offer the easiest and so much fiscal connection strategy for brief distances.

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Generally, each node could control the active power injection or the DC bus voltage. In a P-controller bus, the injected power is kept constant. The ܸௗ௖ controller holds the DC bus voltage constant by adapting its active power injection. In the adopted convention, the DC power and current are assumed to be positive when they are flowing away from the VSC-HVDC to the DC grid. In this section, our aim is to perform DC grid modeling with the main objective of the calculation of the power flow necessary for control reference settings.

5] to calculate the droop constants at node i, it results in: ݇௣௜ ൌ ͲǤͲ͹ͷ‫݌‬Ǥ ‫ݑ‬. and ݇ூ௜ ൌ ͲǤͲ͹Ͳͺͺ‫݌‬Ǥ ‫ݑ‬Ǥ Time Scale Control Tools 27 The droop constants do not have the same value but are very close, because under nominal operation, Vdc is approximately equal to its nominal value. 6] Within the same operating conditions, the values of the reference current as well as the current in the operation point are, respectively: ‫ܫ‬ௗ௖ǡ଴ǡ௜ ൌ ͲǤͳ͹ͷ‫݌‬Ǥ ‫ݑ‬Ǥand ‫ܫ‬ௗ௖ǡ௜ ൌ ͲǤ͵ͺ͸͸‫݌‬Ǥ ‫ݑ‬. 5], the values of the droop constants are: ݇௣ ൌ ͲǤͲ͹ͷ‫݌‬Ǥ ‫ݑ‬Ǥ and ݇ூ ൌ ͲǤͳͶͳ͹‫݌‬Ǥ ‫ݑ‬Ǥ It is understandable that the droop constants do not have similar values because of the duplication.

7. A second operating point in voltage margin strategy The downside of the voltage margin is that only one converter is capable of controlling the system DC voltage at a given time [NAK 99]. Otherwise, in a MTHVDC network with a high number of nodes, the DC voltage is limited by ± 10% of the nominal voltage, limiting the amount of converter that could participate in this distributed DC voltage control strategy. 3. Droop control An alternative control strategy is called droop control, where the DC voltage control is distributed over a number of converters, which simultaneously adapt their active power injections to deal with disturbed grid situations.

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