Advanced Power Electronics Converters: PWM Converters by Euzeli dos Santos, Edison R. da Silva

By Euzeli dos Santos, Edison R. da Silva

This e-book covers strength electronics, extensive, by means of offering the elemental ideas and alertness info, that are used either as a textbook and reference book.

• Introduces a brand new strategy to current energy electronics converters referred to as strength Blocks Geometry (PBG)
• Applicable for classes targeting strength electronics, energy electronics converters, and complex strength converters
• Offers a accomplished set of simulation effects to assist comprehend the circuits provided during the book


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For instance, in 1967 its maximum rates were 500 V/10 A. However, an improved Hitachi GTO was developed in 1981 allowing for higher voltage and current (2500 V/1000 A). • TRIAC. The bidirectional triode thyristor was created by F. W. Gutzwiller, from GE, in 1963. It reached 40 A experimentally but the first commercial Triacs were the SC40 and SC45, rated 200 V, 6 A, and 10 A, in 1965 and 1966, respectively, following basic research steps developed by GE’s Aldrich and Nick Holonyak (1958), and Finis E.

Hall. Its counterpart in silicon was invented by Russell Ohl at Bell Laboratories, 500 V. • BJT. In 1947, W. Shockley, J. Bardeen, and W. Brattain built a germanium point-contact transistor. The BJT was created by W. Shockley from Bell Laboratory in 1948 and developed in 1950 for 500 V/20 A. The first commercially available silicon devices (grown junction) were manufactured in 1954 by Gordon Teal. • SCR (Thyristor). The SCR or thyristor was proposed by William Shockley in 1950. L. Moll from Bell Laboratory but it was not well accepted until GE manufactured a feasible device in 1957.

In fact, the CSI is dual to the VSI. Because of this, the line-to-line output voltage waveform of a VSI is equivalent to the line output current waveform of a CSI. Using this knowledge, the CSI can be controlled by the same PWM techniques used to control the VSI. However, practical aspects such as dead-time generation follows different rules for both types of converters. 31 Current source inverter (CSI). 3 ac–dc Conversion Ac–dc converters are also known as rectifiers. Such converters can be sorted as uncontrolled or controlled rectifiers.

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