An Introduction to Old Frisian: History, Grammar, Reader, by Rolf H. Bremmer Jr.

By Rolf H. Bremmer Jr.

This is often the 1st textual content booklet to provide a entire method of outdated Frisian. half One starts with a succinct survey of the heritage of the Frisians through the center a long time, their society and literary tradition. subsequent stick to chapters at the phonology, morphology, note formation and syntax of outdated Frisian. This half is concluded by means of a bankruptcy at the previous Frisian dialects and one on difficulties in regards to the periodization of Frisian and the shut dating among (Old) Frisian and (Old) English. half includes a reader with a consultant collection of twenty-one texts with explanatory notes and an entire word list. A bibliography and a choose index whole the e-book. Written by way of an skilled instructor and researcher within the box, An creation to outdated Frisian is an important source for college kids and researchers of Frisian, outdated English and different ‘Old’ Germanic languages and cultures, and for medievalists operating during this zone. The moment unrevised 2011 reprint of the unique version comprises a number of corrections.

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OE gylden). inf) as opposed to non-R binitha, litha, nima, to witane. ). In a number of instances, esp. , kampa ‘duellist’, falla ‘to fell’, (bi-)kanna ‘to confess’. However, mutated forms – in this case kempa, fella, (bi-)kenna – are equally common. , brast ‘breast’ beside briast. o a. , dochter ‘daughter’, holt ‘wood’. 12. A liquid is r or l, see §77. Chapter II. esp. , mon ‘man’, komp ‘field; duel’, long ‘long’ (§29). c. , sochte ‘sought’. pl), opa ‘up’ as opposed to non-R kuma, dura, upa.

Finally, it must have followed metathesis of WGmc *berht > *breht. Remark 1. In the relative chronology of Old English sound-changes, palatalization is demonstrably later than breaking as a phonemic change. Breaking might therefore be regarded as the first unambiguously English sound-change. In Frisian, on the other hand, breaking is conventionally dated later than i-mutation (Stiles 1995: 194–95). The form siucht ‘he sees’ (from earlier *sihiþ) only has conditions for breaking as a result of apocope of the second i.

Chapter II. esp. , mon ‘man’, komp ‘field; duel’, long ‘long’ (§29). c. , sochte ‘sought’. pl), opa ‘up’ as opposed to non-R kuma, dura, upa. esp. , wulf/wolf ‘wolf ’. , hwet > hot ‘what’, hweder > hoder ‘whether’, twelef > tolef ‘twelve’. u a. WGmc u is generally preserved, esp. , iung ‘young’. b. , thuchte ‘seemed’. , flucht ‘he flees’, beside fliucht(h). , the second vowel in helpe ‘he may help’, the second and third in Drochtenes ‘of the Lord’, etc. §74 Long-vowel system The Old Frisian long vowels can be arranged as follows: front central back [i ˜] [u ˜] [e ˜] [o ˜] [ε ˜] [f ˜] [a ˜] §75 Long vowels a.

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